Vessel inspections


Internal ISM audit

The maritime industry today operates in a fiercely competitive environment in which one of the rigorous benchmarks for success is shipboard safety. Keeping fully abreast of the latest statutory developments, implementation of proper shipboard procedures and training crew to meet these challenges has been the concern for most vessel operators. We conduct annual planned ISM audits of shipboard procedures and provide guidance for improvement of safety practices and corrective action on identified deficiencies. We also conduct unplanned safety audits of shipboard procedures (following complaints or incidents).


Internal ISPS audit

We work closely with the regulatory bodies to understand and better apply the maritime security requirements. The focus of our audits is to ensure that your vessels are in fact continuously meeting the security requirements of the ISPS Code in word, deed and in spirit.  This ensures a smooth turn-around in port and safe passage at sea. Audits are conducted periodically as per the requirements of the Code and your company’s convenience.  Our structured approach shall ensure your ships continuously adhere to the requirements of the Ship Security Plan and best practices


Navigational audit (TMSA)

Demonstrate compliance with TMSA. The best practice guide promulgated by the Tanker industry has become the benchmark against which Oil Majors measure the operators of tankers. We can assist in compliance with the TMSA requirements, especially by conducting independent navigation audits on board ships and evaluations of your office.  Our audits can assist you improve your management systems rapidly to meet the most stringent requirements of TMSA with minimum expense and hassles.


Pre-purchase inspection:

In today’s maritime scenario, Condition Assessment of vessels prior to purchase, technical management or chartering has become vital to ensure trouble free commercial operations. You can join the numerous owners and financial institutions that rely on our pre-purchase inspections to make strategic decisions about taking a ship under their wings. Our experience will enable you to make the right choice.


Pre – Vetting / CDI inspection

A Pre-vetting Inspection on your Ships can help minimizing or even eliminating the risk of negative observations during the Vetting. We help identify potential problem areas during a Pre Vetting, thereby maintaining a low observation score in the database. We assist operators throughout the entire vetting process including pre-vetting inspections and attendance during vetting inspections of Oil, Chemical and Gas Tankers.


Charter inspection

The difference between a good ship and a ‘great’ ship is the ability of the ship to consistently meet the demands of the charter party terms. In a world where the physical condition of the ship coupled with vessel management systems determine the eventual outcome of the voyage, it is important for the charterer to get an all round evaluation of the prospective vessel before they are hired. We have the necessary skills to evaluate the ships condition and the management system to give you the larger picture.