Sale and Purchase

Our services include:
  • Suggesting the right type / size of Ship, suitable for the required trade
  • Conducting pre-purchase inspections to shortlist the most suitable candidate.
  • Vessel registration and classification into any member of IACS class.
  • Upgrading the vessel to the standard of any IACS class member.
  • Conducting statutory surveys to satisfaction of flag.
  • Conducting class surveys.
  • Implementation of ISM / ISPS codes on board and relevant documentation and survey.
  • Assisting with Vessel’s insurance through H&M underwriters and the P&I clubs.
  • Technically advising and operating the Vessel on routine basis, including Cargo operations.
  • Planning, proposing and monitoring Vessel’s routine budgeting and Drydock / Major repairs budgets.
  • Emergency response team and contingency support from shore.

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