Commercial Management

Our services include:
  • Drafting Voyage or Time Charter parties.
  • Checking/Sending the recapitulation of terms and informing Ship’s Master
  • Checking/Sending voyage orders and advising Ship’s Master
  • Performance monitoring under terms of charter-party
  • Laytime calculations
  • Off-hire calculations
  • Voyage calculation follow-up and demurrage claims
  • Calculate and invoice charters for payment of freight on behalf of principals
  • Claims handling
  • Assisting owners and Charterers with information to conclude fixtures
  • Appointing agents and handling disbursements
  • Checking pro-forma D/A’s and arranging advance payment
  • Checking and settlement of D/A’s
  • Evaluating and nominating bunker suppliers
  • Keeping track of vessel’s ROB and checking figures
  • Checking bunker invoices and remitting in due course

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